384It is no secret that I love fishing, especially saltwater fishing. I don’t begrudge the avid bass angler because I grew up with dreams of that big bucket mouth, but it still amazes me that people who love fishing will invest so much into boats, tackle, and time needed to catch a once in a lifetime ten pound bass instead of heading to the salt that truly leaves you in awe of the power of nature. I am a surf and pier rat, but despite a tendency to get seasick, I wanted to take a shot at getting offshore and tackling something that would test my patience and muscle unlike anything inshore. I found my match with yellowfin tuna.

Around 11:00AM, the captain yelled that we were about to cross a school.  Yellowfin tuna started boiling all around us.  Rods went off at the same time and chaos ensued in the cockpit of the boat. Two of the lines touched and the pressure and friction snapped the lines, but others of us remained hooked up.

Nothing compares to the power of these fish and I look forward to another great day in the boat