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15/40 Triton Bluefin Series Gold & Black Spinning Rod


6′ 6″ 15/40 lb Rod
Super Strong
Can do 20lbs drag
Spinning Rod

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Gear Specs

Triton Tuna Bluefin Series, 2016, Spinning RodTriton Bluefin Series 2016 Spinning Rod

This is a spinning version of our NEW Triton Bluefin Series Rods

Amazing! Has it all! Jigging/Live Bait Tuna Rod

Simply put, the perfect tuna rod for live bait, casting jigs or fish traps.

Regular Price: $189.99

Jigs 1.5oz Р5oz

6′ 6″ or 7′ – 15/40 lb, good lifting power yet flexible tip.

We rate our rods to give you an idea of the action of the rod.

This rod could actually handle 60+ lb line. Guaranteed you will not break this rod on a fish!

Custom Jigging Handles

Gold Titanium oxide Guides

Beautiful, Fantastic Rod!

7 Guides Plus Tip. Double rap on the guides. Beautiful diamond rap.

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6' 6", 7'

Lifetime Warranty

Just return the rod with the original receipt. Covers defects in workmanship, or if you brake this rod on a fish. You will get return information with your rod. Please register your rod HERE after purchase and you're covered!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your new rod, you may return it for a full refund.